Why Should You Be Confident In Investing In US Real Estate?

Real estate is among the most famous, lucrative, and reliable US investment options that can offer significant revenue when done properly. The opportunity to create wealth, utilize equity as leverage, and safeguard your money from depreciation are all benefits of real estate investing. Real estate investing has valuable advantages, such as enhancing communities, supplying housing, […]

The History of Single-Family Rentals Investment

Renting out a single-family home is one of the best investment alternatives. Unlike equities, securities, and cash, rental units have consistently and impressively increased investors’ income over time.  Single-family rental investment, also known as SFR real estate or SFR property investment, has historically been a well-liked substitute for public markets. SFR profits might appeal to […]

Why You Should Invest in an Excellent Property Manager for Your SFR Investment

In the past few years, mainly due to COVID-19, SFR homes have seen a significant increase in investment activity. New investors continue investing in SFR homes to make money from rentals and enjoy a great return on investment (ROI) when they decide to market their properties. In contrast, families continue looking for larger homes outside […]

The Ultimate Guide for SFR Investment

Investing in properties is an excellent approach to take charge of your money and boost your employment income. Numerous beginner-friendly tactics are available, but because they are all discretionary, it cannot be easy to figure out where to start. Single-family homes, often known as SFR investments, are one venture form that early investors should consider. […]

C-Star SFR Fund Continue Distributing Dividends with Full Four-month Rent Collection

C-STAR SFR FUND CONTINUE DISTRIBUTING DIVIDENDS WITH FULL FOUR-MONTH RENT COLLECTION New York, April 15, 2020: C-Star SFR Fund I has distributed the first quarter 2020 dividend of $0.5 per unit, representing 5% annaul dividend. As of the first quarter of 2020, C-Star SFR Fund I has achieved a portfolio of 100% leased rate, 7.7% capitalization rate, 7.8% current year Cash-On Cash and 21.1% projected 3-year IRR. Sherry Li, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “2020 […]

A Letter From C-Star CEO

Dear Invesotrs, We are now at a special time. First and foremost, we hope that our investors are staying healthy and strong at home! Families and health are the first priority. Like many of you, most of our colleagues are working from home, which is new, but we find works very well for our business model. Our management […]

C-Star SFR Fund I Distributed 7% Dividend in 4Q2019 and has Realized Portfolio Stabilization

C-Star SFR Fund I Distributed 7% Dividend in 4Q2019 and has Realized Portfolio Stabilization New York, January 16, 2020: C-Star SFR Fund I today reported its fourth quarter 2019 results. Sherry Li, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “In the fourth quarter C-Star again generated strong results for investors. Our ability to analyze markets, source target properties, execute investment stretagies and manage properties is highly differentiated, as demonstrated […]