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About Fund II

C-Star SFR Fund II was launched in October 2019 and raised 10.58 million dollars in total and successfully deployed 100% of the equity and finished its acquisition in February 2022. Fund II has a total of 120 properties located in the Atlanta metropolitan area and the Charlotte Triangle metropolitan area. Fund II has four loans in total and was successfully refinanced for Soupcan Capital IV LLC on 5/13/2022. The AUM for Fund II is 31.56M.

Board Members

Sherry Li
C-Star Founder & CEO

Sherry has over 13 years of real estate experience and has served in various roles for several leading players including private equity, sovereign fund, REITs, and investment banking. She has executed and managed over $10bn of real estate assets. Prior to founding C-star, Sherry was a Director of Fosun Group and a core member of M & A team. During her tenure with Fosun, she successfully closed the acquisition of Everest Healthcare Properties, an asset management platform in real estate.

Ms.Li received her master’s degree concentrated in Real Estate from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She also holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Urban Planning from Peking University.

Guanghua Yu

Guanghua Yu is an experienced investor with over eight years investment experience in the real estate industry. He owns many real estate properties in New York and New Jersey, including nine leasing properties and one commercial real estate.

Eric Wu

Eric Wu is the incumbent board member of C-Star’s second fund. Recently, he spent 6 years at hedge funds working in a variety of roles. Included in this investment experience is time spent analyzing REIT valuation.